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The 2012 President’s Club: Celebrating the “best of the best”

The 2012 President’s Club: Celebrating the “best of the best”

In an effort to recognize excellence in sales across our markets, Morris Publishing Group launched the President’s Club in 2004.  Next month, our 2012 winners will travel to Augusta so we can honor them and learn from their success.  It’s been several years since we’ve brought them here to receive their honors in person.

Before I announce their names, a few thoughts about sales…

Selling is not for everyone, that’s for sure.  The cold calls, the negotiations and daily rejections are not for the faint-hearted.  But for the right people, it’s all about the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of building an effective advertising campaign that make a local business’ phone ring.

There was a time – when the few mass media outlets owned all the eyeballs – when the job of selling advertising was simpler if not easier.

But in a world where new digital products and services appear just about every week, audiences are fragmenting  into a thousand pieces.  Toss in a side order of soft economy, and advertising sales has never been more challenging or complex. 

Advertising remains our largest revenue stream, and total local spending in our markets – especially digital – is expected to grow.

To capture our share of that growth, Morris Publishing Group’s 2012 sales mission is…

To build and sustain the most effective sales teams in our markets.  We will do this:

  • Through our intense commitment to understanding customer needs and getting results.
  • By consistently providing the best audience solutions, reach and engagement.

Now back to the President’s Club…

Our 2012 winners are Michelle Parsons, Amarillo (previous inductee); Jena Wages, Athens; Erika Miller, Augusta; Katie Goodman, Bluffton; John Bennett, Brainerd; David Sandeen, Jacksonville; Jesica Talbert, Conway; Holly Davila, Lubbock; Rachel Gardner, Savannah; Cheryl Brunk, St. Augustine and Terri Benson, Topeka.

We are proud of our sales teams – they are the best in every one of our markets. The President’s Club winners represent the best of the best.  We look forward to seeing them in April!