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2015 Excellence in Journalism

2015 Excellence in Journalism

We are the storytellers. For hundreds of years, we have had the distinguished honor of telling the stories of our communities, and explaining the impacts of those stories on local citizens. Our media landscape is changing, but our dedication to this mission has never waivered. To quote Frank Denton, our vp for journalism and editor of the Florida Times-Union, "Whatever happens to the physical newspaper, or the ephemeral pixels on your screen, the journalism endures."

Today we celebrate the 2015 Morris Journalism Excellence Awards that recognize all of the newsgathering efforts that go on everyday in our newsrooms, and the teams that work around-the-clock to make it happen.

Here are the 2015 Morris Journalism Excellence award winners...

I commend all of the winners, honorable mentions, and all of our news staffs for their exemplary work.