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2016 Morris Journalism Excellence Awards

excellence.jpgCongratulations to all the recipients of the tenth annual Morris Journalism Excellence Awards, a celebration of enduring stars across the company.

The Florida Times-Union Prevails in Court

I've asked Mark Nusbaum, president of the Florida Times-Union and Times-Union Media to guest blog for me this week and highlight the amazing journalism effort by the T-U.  As we build the business for tomorrow, this blog is an important reminder of the important role we play in a free society.  



2016 Turning the Page

Turning the page to a new year causes many of us to reflect on areas we'd like to improve and set goals for ourselves. For companies on a January-December budget cycle like ours, moving to the next calendar year also brings a fresh set of objectives.
Now that we're off and running in 2016, I wanted to share Morris Publishing Group's strategic goals for the coming year. Each of these goals is intended to continue taking our company along the path to long-term sustainability.

Morris Publishing Group Launches - A local e-commerce solution

Dear Morris colleagues,

Over the past several years, shopping has been migrating from in-store purchasing to online.  Brick-and-mortar store traffic has been on the decline, and e-commerce has been steadily increasing.  Amazon, eBay and countless other e-retailers come to mind, but big box chains have also invested heavily in their online stores, and it’s beginning to pay off.  Local retailers need to be in the game, but often lack the resources and know-how to participate effectively.

That’s where we come in.

2015 Excellence in Journalism

We are the storytellers. For hundreds of years, we have had the distinguished honor of telling the stories of our communities, and explaining the impacts of those stories on local citizens. Our media landscape is changing, but our dedication to this mission has never waivered. To quote Frank Denton, our vp for journalism and editor of the Florida Times-Union, "Whatever happens to the physical newspaper, or the ephemeral pixels on your screen, the journalism endures."

Spotlight on Jacksonville

It is an understatement to say that a lot is happening in Jacksonville.  The pace of change in our largest metro-market is accelerating, and the focus is on growth.

Spotlight on Athens

Founded in 1832, the Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald's roots trace back to one of Georgia's oldest newspapers.  Today, the Banner-Herald and form one of our most innovative media companies, ABH Media.  

Spotlight on Juneau

The Juneau Empire can trace its legacy back to the Gold Rush days, founded in 1912.  The Empire has served Alaska’s capital city throughout its colorful past and is positioned with the community for a bright and promising future.  

Spotlight on Conway

This week I’d like to spotlight one of our growing community markets.  Nestled between the towns of Toad Suck and Pickles Gap is Conway Arkansas and our very own Log Cabin Media.  Conway, known as the “City of Colleges,” was founded in 1872.  The Log Cabin Democrat is nearly as old as the community itself, but cont