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Morris Publishing Group Launches - A local e-commerce solution

Morris Publishing Group Launches - A local e-commerce solution

Dear Morris colleagues,

Over the past several years, shopping has been migrating from in-store purchasing to online.  Brick-and-mortar store traffic has been on the decline, and e-commerce has been steadily increasing.  Amazon, eBay and countless other e-retailers come to mind, but big box chains have also invested heavily in their online stores, and it’s beginning to pay off.  Local retailers need to be in the game, but often lack the resources and know-how to participate effectively.

That’s where we come in.

I am happy to announce that Morris Publishing Group is launching a new e-commerce brand called  Locabuy is an online marketplace like others you have seen, but it showcases products and services offered by local merchants.  Consumers can visit the locabuy marketplace, purchase these products online and have them conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

Having a large local audience gives us an important advantage.  We will promote locabuy across print, digital and social media channels.  We will also feature products on our news sites, allowing our readers to make an impulse purchase while they are browsing our content.

Next month, we will launch our first store in Augusta.  Our team at The Chronicle has been meeting with area merchants about selling their products in our store, and the response has been extremely positive.

After Augusta’s site is up and running, our plan is to launch stores in all our markets before the holidays, so we can be ready to help local consumers and businesses during the peak shopping season.

E-commerce is sure to grow in the coming years, and with our trusted brand, huge local audience, and great relationships with local businesses, we are uniquely positioned to compete effectively in this space.

Our core print business continues to be an important part of our local media offerings.  However, as consumers spend more and more time on digital devices, advertising and marketing dollars will continue to migrate from all traditional media to digital platforms.

If we expect to grow, we’ve got to be a part of this ongoing shift.  We must replace declining business models with new ones – like e-commerce – that are growing.   Expect to hear more announcements like this in months to come as we continue to find new and exciting ways serve our communities.

Until next time,


PS - If you’d like to read more about why local businesses need e-commerce, please read Steve Gray’s blog.