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Spotlight on Conway

Spotlight on Conway

This week I’d like to spotlight one of our growing community markets.  Nestled between the towns of Toad Suck and Pickles Gap is Conway Arkansas and our very own Log Cabin Media.  Conway, known as the “City of Colleges,” was founded in 1872.  The Log Cabin Democrat is nearly as old as the community itself, but continues to grow  and change at an amazing pace. 

The Cabin serves not just Conway, but all of Faulkner County and the central Arkansas region.  The innovative team at The Cabin considers themselves not only a mirror of the community but an integral thread woven into the local market.  They are small in numbers, but they are nimble, and capable of responding to the needs of their community in a big way.

Under the leadership of Zach Ahrens, they found themselves lending a helping hand to neighboring Vilonia after a treacherous tornado hit hard.  In the process getting to know the community better, it became clear that the residents had a desire for a place to share information and know what’s going on.  To help solve this problem, The Cabin launched a weekly newspaper, the Vilonia Eagle.
“The Eagle celebrates the indomitable spirit of Vilonia,” Ahrens said.  “As one who has lived in several locations throughout the country, I can tell you most assuredly what exists in Vilonia is the exception and not the rule.  I realized the only thing missing in this great town is a newspaper that belongs solely to Vilonia.”

The community response has been overwhelming after only three weeks.  This new, free for 12 weeks publication has subscribers lining up and has developed a strong social following. 

Conway is a community on the move.  Last week The Cabin was the first to report that Dillard’s was named as an anchor retail store at the Central Landing project, a $90 million outdoor mall under development.  Rapid growth creates new opportunities and challenges, and The Cabin will be there to keep the community informed and engaged.

Being a part of the local community is one of our core missions, and no one understands that better than the team at The Cabin.  They set a great example for all of us in the local media business.

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