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Spotlight on Jacksonville

Spotlight on Jacksonville

It is an understatement to say that a lot is happening in Jacksonville.  The pace of change in our largest metro-market is accelerating, and the focus is on growth.

Under the leadership of president Mark Nusbaum and vp of sales Lana Champion, T-U Media is focused on increasing its advertising customer base by 70 percent by the end of 2015.  As the customer base increases, revenue follows, so the T-U is expanding its sales staff and increasing its capacity to reach and serve customers in new ways. 

T-U Media has been working a two-pronged strategy to grow its local advertising customer base and market share.

First, it is committed to serving a growing number of smaller advertisers in the marketplace with affordable products that fit their needs.  Here are a few examples of their expanding portfolio targeting small to medium sized advertisers:

  • Current, a weekly print section that appears each Wednesday in the Times-Union, focusing on three distinct areas of the First Coast.
  • Spark, a monthly tabloid that will tell the stories of the cultural and entrepreneurial movement growing at the grassroots level in Jacksonville.  They see this quickly becoming a glossy magazine.
  • An expanded network of their highly popular Living publications for gated communities in the Jacksonville area.

T-U Media's second strategy is building custom-tailored marketing programs for large, white-glove accounts, deploying concepts such as Instagram and hashtag campaigns to create organic recommendations and brand advocates.  The T-U also recently partnered with Sonny's Bar-B-Q on a native advertising campaign designed to position Sonny's as the T-U's official barbeque expert.  The content, including grilling and smoking tips, appears in the Times-Union,, social media and a custom-built website for this program.  So far, this program has been a big winner for the T-U, Sonny's and barbeque lovers in Northeast Florida.

Jacksonville's approach is beginning to gain traction - our largest market is now one of our leaders in growing local advertising customer base and market share.

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