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Welcome To The New Morris Website

Welcome To The New Morris Website

Welcome to the new Morris corporate website. We hope you find it attractive, well organized and informative.

So many exciting things are happening across Morris operating divisions. Each day, we deliver content on more and more platforms and engage with readers in more powerful ways. In our newspaper group,  our “digital first” initiative is well under way and is already delivering terrific results. In our magazine division, the arrival of titles into the “app world” has been extremely well received by readers. In our book division, all of our new titles are available in electronic format for download – from all of your favorite e-stores. And from our radio stations, listeners can tune in to their favorite music, talk and news via any radio device or any Internet connection.

To support this transformation, we have created this new and dynamic web site to inform you of our progress.

Please come visit this site again and again. We have structured the site to be fresh at all times, with new information about everything that’s happening in our company. In coming weeks, you will see video of our top executives in conversation with one another about the fine work of their associates. You will see more blogs from our division leaders and you will have access to case studies of innovation happening all across our products.

You will see here - and on our social platforms - exactly what you expect: timely, useful, engaging information. This site is a reflection of our commitment to keeping Morris in the vanguard of the important changes that are taking place in our society – as well as a commitment to traditional standards such as great customer service and delivering what we promise.

See you soon – Billy Morris