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Local App and Site Goes National

Local App and Site Goes National

Masters AppEach April Augusta, GA transforms into a golf Mecca for the world hosting the Masters® Golf Tournament. The Augusta Chronicle coverage of the event recently expanded to include the new and improved Augusta Golf app and site

“The app heats up towards the end of March,” said Alan English, the Chronicle’s executive editor.

The Chronicle has populated the app and site with new content that has a very unique local angle including constant updates from the course, text and video reporting, and historical background information about the Masters, the course and a plethora of information that has been gathered over the years for golf enthusiasts.

“We get a global audience for this coverage,” English said. “You’ve got CBS, the Masters itself, the PGA and all those others, and they may be able to beat us in terms of sheer dollars and cents, but we also provide a unique type of coverage that they can’t, and we think that we need to be in that space right next to them.”