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New Slideshow Tool

New Slideshow Tool

Slideshow Tool

Everyday, newsrooms across Morris are diligently finding new ways of engaging, informing and connecting with their local audiences.  A powerful example of that effort is the new slideshow tool, developed by Kevin Basarab in Jacksonville and rolled out to every Morris newspaper site.  This simple functionality has breathed new life in local story telling and exponentially increased page views.

The Savannah staff has currently put in place a plan that produces at least one slideshow a day using old photos and others based on events.

“The readers are rocking the slideshows and requesting topics to come. The tool has made a huge difference to the content we offer and has become ‘appointment’ viewing for users,” said Susan Catron, executive editor at Savannah Morning News.

“We had our biggest day in February because of this 54-image photo gallery.  The beauty of this idea is that it is so simple to do – and so popular with readers,” said St. Augustine new media director Peter Willott.

In Topeka, slideshows are being used to help tell a story in a visual way that draws in readers. The Morning After and the Night of Destruction are slideshows created by Topeka online news editor Sherman Smith covering the tornado that struck Harveyville, KS on Feb 28th.

“Those two slideshows, plus a new slideshow of recovery efforts shot early March 1, contributed another 90,000 page views on March 1,” said Tomari Quinn, managing editor for CJOnline.

One of the greatest benefits found by using the tool is the strong point of engagement with the user, while not being a heavy burden on newsrooms to implement and execute in their current news gathering activities.

“We’re nowhere close to its (slideshows) potential uses,” said Catron.

“The beauty of this idea is that it is so simple to do – and so popular with readers,” said Willott.