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About PopOut® Products

The foundation of a globally successful range of travel maps and guides, the dimensional PopOut® map format combines novelty and practicality with elegant design in an innovative and patented mechanism.

The PopOut format is the perfect medium for creating dimensional marketing solutions. It is fully customizable with a variety of formats, sizes and options to suit any brand.

Books Published Across Morris

PopOut® Products

PopOut® Products

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Books Across Morris

  • Footprint
    Passionate about helping travellers gain a refreshingly different view of the world and making their experience as positive as possible.
  • GPP
    People, culture, history, folklore, food, and Americana are staples of GPP along with travel guides to virtually every American destination.
  • FalconGuides
    FalconGuides are North America’s most respected outdoor recreation guidebooks, with titles covering the entire spectrum of outdoor activities.
  • Lyons Press
    Lyons Press books reflect its dedication to quality and high standards, from the deep and rich backlist to the bold and exceptional forthcoming titles.
  • PopOut
    The PopOut design delivers a positive in-hand marketing message.