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skirt! magazine

skirt! magazine

skirt!© magazine is a free monthly magazine that features content on issues important to women. Each issue includes profiles of women in the community, event information, a monthly calendar, products from local shops, and much more. The mixture of essays, articles and artistic advertising messages gives the magazine its wide appeal. Additionally, each issue is set to a specific theme, with personal essays that reflect the month's topic.

skirt!© is all about women...their work, play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls. skirt! is an attitude...spirited, independent, outspoken, serious, playful and irreverent, sometimes controversial and always passionate.

skirt!© Books
skirt!© books have personality. In addition to expressing the author’s distinctive voice, each volume in this imprint reflects our high standards in design and production, with original artwork, beautiful typography, and quality materials. You will find skirt! books on the shelves both in those nonfiction categories that reflect what women care most about today—relationships, self-help, lifestyle—and, of course, in the form of beautifully told memoirs through which we learn about ourselves by sharing the experiences of others. The skirt! imprint is home to the New York Times bestseller, Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr.

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