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American Angler

American Angler

American Angler, with a circulation of 35,000 hard-core fly fishermen, provides solid “how-to” information for those seeking to master this most sophisticated of angling sports.

Articles written by well-known experts and laymen alike cover every region, every technique and every species of fish that can be taken on a fly rod.

The magazine was born in 1978 as a quarterly newsletter called Fly Tyer. It struggled through several editors, owners, formats and name changes until 1992, when Abenaki Publishers acquired the publication (by then known as American Angler) and moved operations to Bennington, Vt.

The magazine’s readership and reputation have grown rapidly. Its largely male, well-educated, well-to-do readers are the most devoted thread-and-feather fans in the country.

Now based in Augusta, Ga., along with its sister publications in the outdoor group, American Angler is widely viewed as the best-written, best-edited and best-looking publication in its class.

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