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Free community papers are dedicated advertising vehicles designed to provide customers with reliable, no-frills opportunities for sales and purchases, along with practical community news and information. Both reader and advertiser look to these publications, popularly known as "shoppers," for quick contact, quick information and quick results.

Morris entered this targeted market niche when it purchased the assets of Stauffer Communications, which included several shoppers, in 1995.

Recognizing the strong customer-service values of the shopper, the company has since grown the division significantly. A growth strategy that leverages the production and distribution facilities in communities already served by Morris newspapers illustrates the industry trend toward consolidation of markets.

High awareness and easy access are key components of success in free community papers, which tend to reach customers across all demographic lines.

Morris Communications' numerous free community papers, or shoppers, are published in eight states and have a total weekly circulation of approximately 500,000.

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