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Morris Communications sells radio stations to Alpha Media

Morris Communications sells radio stations to Alpha Media

May 18, 2015 --  Morris Communications has entered into a definitive agreement with Alpha Media of Portland, Oregon to purchase Morris radio stations. Morris owns thirty-six radio stations in 8 markets including; Topeka, KS; Salina, KS; Amarillo, TX; Palm Springs, CA; Anchorage, AK; Wasilla, AK; Grays Harbor-Hoquiam, WA and Wenatchee-Columbia River, WA (see below for full Station Market list).

William S. Morris III, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Morris Communications Company said, “We are pleased to enter into this agreement with Larry Wilson and his exceptional team. They are experienced operators that will maintain the ongoing success of these stations. We take comfort in knowing we have superior employees in each market that will continue to serve these wonderful communities.”

Larry Wilson, Chairman of Alpha Media will add the Morris markets to the ninety-nine stations currently in the Alpha Media portfolio. When all pending deals are completed, it will bring the total number of stations owned by Alpha Media to 135. Commenting on the acquisition, Wilson said, “What a wonderful thing it is to combine with such a fine stable of radio properties. They bring heritage radio stations to our platform that will truly enhance our growth opportunities extensively.”

This transaction will be filed with the Federal Communications Commission shortly and is subject to their approval.

George Reed of Media Services Group is the broker for Alpha Media.

Upon the successful completion of all pending transactions, Alpha Media, headquartered in Portland, Oregon will own 132 radio stations and operate 3 additional stations under LMAs within 28 markets across the United States covering all formats including Top 40, Adult Contemporary, Spanish, Urban, News Talk, Sports, Rock, Country and more. In addition to the radio stations; Alpha Media owns the digital media and marketing company; Xapsis in Peoria, Illinois and the intimate performance venues, Skype Live Studio in Portland, Oregon and Alamo Lounge in San Antonio, Texas.


Topeka, KS Market:
WIBW(AM), Topeka, KS
WIBW-FM, Topeka, KS

Salina, KS Market:
KABI(AM), Abilene, KS
KBLS(FM), North Fort Riley, KS
KSAJ-FM, Abilene, KS
KSAL(AM), Salina, KS
KSAL-FM, Salina, KS
KYEZ(FM), Salina, KS

Amarillo, TX Market:
KGNC(AM), Amarillo, TX
KGNC-FM, Amarillo, TX

Palm Springs, CA Market:
KCLB-FM, Coachella, CA
KFSQ(AM), Thousand Palms, CA
KKUU(FM), Indio, CA
KNWQ(AM), Palm Springs, CA
KNWZ(AM), Coachella, CA
KCLZ (FM), Twenty-Nine Palms Base, CA

Victor Valley, CA, Market:
KDGL(FM), Yucca Valley, CA
KDGL-FM1, Palm Springs, CA
KNWH(AM), Yucca Valley, CA

Anchorage, AK Market:
KBRJ(FM), Anchorage, AK
KEAG(FM), Anchorage, AK
KFQD(AM), Anchorage, AK
KHAR(AM), Anchorage, AK
KMXS(FM), Anchorage, AK
KWHL(FM), Anchorage, AK

Wasilla, AK Market:
KAYO(FM), Wasilla, AK

Grays Harbor-Hoquiam, WA Market:
KXRO(AM), Aberdeen, WA
KWOK(AM), Aberdeen, WA
KXXK(FM), Hoquiam, WA
KDUX-FM, Hoquiam, WA

Wenatchee-Columbia River, WA Market:
KWIQ(AM), Moses Lake North, WA
KWIQ-FM, Moses Lake, WA
KKRV(FM), Wenatchee, WA
KKRT(AM), Wenatchee, WA
KWLN(FM), Wilson Creek, WA

JMJ Stations:

Topeka, KS Market:
KTPK(FM), Topeka, KS (“KTPK”)

Amarillo, TX Market:
KXGL(FM), Amarillo, TX (“KXGL”)

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