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Creek Plantation
In 1968, William S. Morris III of Augusta, Ga., acquired Creek Plantation, a tract of land near Martin, S.C., fronting on the Savannah River and comprising 2526 acres of timberlands and open fields used for agriculture. The plantation offered Billy Morris the opportunity to pursue a lifelong interest in horses and to begin breeding quarter horses.

In the mid-1970s, Billy Morris became interested in the sport of cutting, and was instrumental in founding the Augusta Futurity. Morris has maintained a consistent interest in cutting horses, and Creek Plantation has been fortunate to have had the services and help of outstanding trainers, among them Larry Reeder, Bill Riddle, David Stewart and Phil Rapp. Creek’s breeding program has produced numerous NCHA winners, including Splash of Gin, Wheeling Peppy, Miss Smooth Splash, Judge Tanquery, Shes Pretty Smooth, Gincoe and others.

Morris’ interest in animals isn’t limited to horses. He began building a commercial cattle operation, which consists of some 2200 commercial brood cows. In addition, Creek Plantation is home to a herd of registered Texas longhorns.

Over the years, Creek Plantation has been expanded with the acquisition of additional land, so that today it consists of nearly 14,000 acres and encompasses three commercial enterprises: horses, cattle and timber.

Wade Pecans
In 1812, Samuel Manor founded the historic Wade Plantation. Manor was a revolutionary soldier and after the war, he moved from North Carolina to South Carolina. Here he met George and Mary Williamson and from them he purchased 2,523 acres of land on the Savannah River on the Georgia side. Maner moved to his Screven County property and named his new home Lebanon Forest.

Samuel Maner built his home on the same place that the current Wade Plantation house is located. Maner was a faithful Methodist and he opened his home to traveling Methodist preachers. His daughter Sarah met and married one of these preachers, the Rev. John Crawford.

Around 1816, Samuel Manor passed away and Sarah and John inherited the Georgia plantation. John Crawford passed away a few years after this. He and Sarah did not have any children. Sarah then married another Methodist preacher, the Rev. Peyton Lisby Wade. Sarah passed away without having any children and the Rev. Wade married her niece, Elizabeth Robert. Together they expanded their property to over 10,000 acres.

Peyton and Elizabeth raised eleven children Peyton passed on in 1866 and left everything to Elizabeth and their children. After Elizabeth passed on, the Wade Plantation went to their seventh child, Jesse Turpin Wade.

Jesse Wade was born on Wade Plantation in 1851. He was educated at and graduated from the Virginia Military Institute. As master of Wade Plantation he was called Captain Wade, his rank in the local Screven County militia. At the age of 36 he married Elizabeth Jones.

In 1844 the original plantation home built by Samuel Maner burned to the ground. Captain Wade built a new home using timber cut and sawed on Wade Plantation. Under Captain Wade’s guidance, Wade Plantation grew and ginned their own cotton. Captain Wade built a plant on the plantation in which the cotton seed was converted into oil and meal. Fertilizer for new crops was was also prepared in this plant. He had a railroad constructed on the plantation to transport his cotton to the Savannah river where steamboats waited to take the loads to Savannah.

Captain Wade sold the train and the railroad iron to the U.S. government in 1917. The train and iron was loaded onto barges at Burton’s Ferry landing and taken to the Argonne Forest for the army’s use at the end of WWI.

The Wade family owned and operated Wade Plantation until 1954 when it passed out of their hands.

State Street Snacks
State Street Snacks began making its Pecan Caramel Popcorn for retail sale more than 30 years ago. Giving the customer what they want no matter the cost is a theme that we proudly stand by. Generous amounts of pecans in every bag, from the historic Wade Plantation along the Savannah River, give State Street Pecan Perfection Caramel Corn it’s unique flavor that stands alone when it comes to value.

We sell our product in a clear bag. How many other products can you remember actually seeing before making a purchase? At State Street were not afraid to display our beautiful caramel corn directly to the customers allowing them to judge the quality for themselves. It is handcrafted with butter and molasses and then slow cooked in kettles for that old fashioned flavor.

State Street Snacks hand-crafted blend of old time ingredients can be purchased nationwide at Rite-Aid stores, Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores and Quik-Trip Convenience stores. On a regional basis our products can be purchased at Piggly Wiggly, Central Market, Rouses, Big-Y and many small independent retailers through-out the southeast.

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