AHP Recognizes Cowboy Publishing

Fort Worth, TX – June 26, 2012

Cowboy Publishing Group, a division of Morris Magazines, LLC, won 24 American Horse Publication (AHP) awards Saturday, June 2, in Williamsburg, Virginia. The equine interest division’s award-winning publications include Barrel Horse NewsHorseman’s Yankee PedlarQuarter Horse NewsWestern Horseman, and Western Lifestyle Retailer.

“We are excited and honored that each of the group’s titles received numerous awards this year,” said Group Publisher Patty Tiberg. “The staff for each publication strives to make their respective magazine the best in its category, and taking home multiple AHP awards is a testament to their hard work.”

The AHP annual awards program recognizes excellence in equine-related publications in a peer-judged contest that includes categories in print and electronic publishing, photography and graphic design. Publications compete with other publications within their circulation size.

Among the most coveted awards are those for general excellence, in which both Barrel Horse News and Western Horseman received an honorable mention nod. The contest committee noted that Western Horseman “is a successfully designed magazine through and through that is geared, without exception, to its readership.”

Cowboy Publishing’s AHP Awards (for material published in 2011)

Barrel Horse News (circulation 20,000 and over)
• 1st, Personality Profile Single Article—print, “Mighty Kasey,” Breanne Hill, author, June 2011.
• 1st, Instructional Series—print, “Back to Basics: Barrel Racing from the Beginning,” Breanne Hill, author, January and December 2011
• 1st, Editorial Event Coverage Single Article—print, “Dashing for Dollars,” Annie Lambert, author, September 2011.
• Honorable Mention, Service to Reader, Single Article—print, “Whose Photo Is It?” Tracy Gantz, author, March 2011.
• Honorable Mention, Editorial Design—print, “Beyond the Barrels,” Brandon Guidry, art director, April 2011.
• Honorable Mention, General Excellence Self-Supported Magazine—print, Patty Tiberg, publisher, Bonnie Wheatley, editor, Brandon Guidry, art director.

Horseman’s Yankee Pedlar (circulation under 10,000)
• Honorable Mention, Feature Article—print, “Ride On: Tales of Life After Breast Cancer,” Kathryn Selinga, author,
Elisabeth Gilbride, editor, October 2011.
• 2nd, Publication Cover Page—print, “Keep it Simple,” Angela Antononi, art director, December 2011.

Western Horseman (circulation over 20,000)
• Honorable Mention, Service to Reader Single Article—“Baffled by Snaffles,” Jennifer Denison, author, May 2011.
• 1st, Equine-Related Editorial Series—print, “Comrade Cowboy,” Ryan T. Bell, author, July, August and December 2011.
• 1st, Illustration—print, “Hackamore Horse,” Ron Bonge, artist, February 2011.
• Editorial Action Photograph (print or online)
–     3rd, “Stallion and Mares,” Darrell D. Dodds, photographer, November 2011.
–     Honorable Mention, “Richard Winters,” Darrell D. Dodds, photographer, October 2011.
• 1st, Editorial Still Print Photograph—“Bill Owen,” Walter Workman, photographer, October 2011.
• Publication Cover Page—print, Ron Bonge, art director.
–     1st, “Cayde & Co.,” February 2011.
–     Honorable Mention, “Moonlight Rescue,” August 2011.
• Editorial Design, print—Ron Bonge, art director.
–     1st, “Cowboy Legacy,” October 2011.
–     2nd, “Comrade Cowboy,” August 2011.
–     Honorable Mention, “Traditional Troubadours” May 2011.
• Honorable Mention, General Excellence Self-Supported Magazine—Darrell Dodds, publisher, Ross Hecox, editor, Ron Bonge, art director.

Western Lifestyle Retailer
• 1st, Equine-Related Special Issue Publication – Print, Darrell D. Dodds, publisher, and Susan Morrison, editor, Spring 2011

Quarter Horse News (circulation under 10,000)
• 2nd, Personality Profile Single Article—print, “Potential Realized,” Katie Tims, author, December 1, 2011.
• Honorable Mention, Editorial Opinion Single Column—print, “Sound of Silence,” Katie Tims, author, April 15, 2011.
• 2nd, Equine-Related Website—, Quarter Horse News editorial team
• 1st, General Excellence Tabloid/ Newspaper—Patty Tiberg, publisher, Katie Tims, editor, Deb Miller, art director.

For a complete listing of AHP winners, visit American Horse Publications.

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