Reporting Ethics Violations

Morris Communications Company believes that providing an environment that supports the honesty, integrity, respect, trust, responsibility, and citizenship of every employee clears a path to excellence in our work place.

In accordance with our Code of Business Conduct, employees should report any suspected illegal or unethical behavior or other violations of company policy, including complaints regarding accounting, internal accounting control or auditing matters, to supervisors, managers or other appropriate personnel.

Usually your manager is in the best position to help you work through an issue. Your manager is responsible for supporting open discussion, working through the ethical questions you have, and guiding your access to further assistance as required.

Those who have a concern about a policy violation or ethical concern are to call or email:

[email protected]
Phone: (844) 301-2376 or (706) 828-4363

You may report ethical violations in confidence and without fear of retaliation.  Morris Communications Company does not permit retaliation of any kind against employees for good faith reports of ethical violations.

For more details, download this ReportAConcern poster. (.pdf file)

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